Month: August 2016

The Last Bordello – visuals of settings in the novel

Research, research. I think it’s the reason I write historical novels. Here are some places that are mentioned in the novel set in San Antonio, Texas, 1901.  

The Last Bordello – What it is, and isn’t

My novel, The Last Bordello, is not merely a who-dun-it. It’s a story about powerful women on opposing sides of a coin (or a bordello chit). Unable to obtain money in other ways, some women found prostitution to be their only means of survival. The Women’s Christian…

The Last Bordello-True Characters

Inspirations for the novel – true characters in The Last Bordello (San Antonio in 1901) Opposing forces or unified goals?                              

The Last Bordello

It’s done. Finished. Inches away from publication. Whew! Madam Fannie Porter runs the best bordello in Texas. Just ask the outlaws she harbored and entertained for the weekend—Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch. But when the gang rides off, Sadie, her best soiled dove,…