Be Real

In your kindness, be sincere. We can tell the difference between a real squeeze and a formal hug. We can tell when you offer us a gentle word but walk away with rolling eyes.

We know. We can tell.

You say, “have a good day.” Do you mean it?

You say, “hope you feel better.” Do you care?

Are you are earnest? Genuine? Heartfelt?  Or artificial, phony and hollow?

We feel the difference.

We know.  We can tell.



Published by

Carolyn Dennis-Willingham

Carolyn is the author of two published books – No Hill for a Stepper, 2001, and The Last Bordello, 2016. Her third novel, The Moonshine Thicket, is set in 1928 and is currently enduring a professional edit. When not on her laptop, she serves as a lap top for her grandchildren. She is a retired Early Childhood Specialist, a fitness boxer, artist, and a ball thrower for her ever-persistent mini Aussie. In addition to her blogging website,, you may find her on Facebook and Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Be Real

  1. Reblogged this on Out crawls Angy.. and commented:
    This what I call Thursday reblog day.. blogs that touch me and I hope touch you.. all I ask is your blog it forward., if not one of mine ( which I hope) then someone else blogosphere..


    1. Thank you for your comments and your reblog! I try to keep in mind that most of us are just trying to do the best we can at any given time. It’s really about our “prevailing awareness,” – something else I need to blog about! Have a great day!! 🙂

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