10 Ways to Steak

This is too funny not to reblog!

HarsH ReaLiTy

How do you grill these

when this happens to your grill…

Here are some ways!

1 – Place the steak back in the cow to warm it up!

2 – Eat a salad instead. Kale salad! Yum! These guys like kale…

3 – Wrap the uncooked meat in cooked bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

4 – Stare at the steak till it gets nervous and cooks itself! I’ve been trying this for hours though.

5 – Pull the grill into the living room and hope your wife doesn’t notice. Claim it is the food network channel. She won’t care as long as she gets a steak.

6 – Buy two steaks from Applebees and put it on a plate and pretend you cooked it.

7 – Make the steaks confess their sins so they cook in their own guilt.

8 – Moo at it.

9 – Scare the cow! Eat…

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