RAW Journel Kernels – For You!

A little aroma to start your day. And remember, don’t color within the lines. Stay out of the box!   🙂

peace bubbles.jpg

All these old journal kernels (entries) are raw, unedited and scanned into this blog. 

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6 thoughts on “RAW Journel Kernels – For You!

  1. This is good work. I think I’ve mentioned Earle hat I’d like to do an illustrated journal. It add so much character. Thanks for your previous comment.


      1. I shall get cracking. We had seven tornadoes swarm through here. Being a ham radio operator I activated a special mode (aprsesce32) on the desktop and tracked them, hoping our power didn’t fail. So today I’m getting the Android phone and a hand held radio paired so we can move it out next event via batteries. Our closest TV station is 70 !Iles


      2. Away and provide us with valuable information. The closest one missed us by 1.6 miles. Close enough to suit me.

        Thanks for your encouragement with Zeke.


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