Month: March 2017

Pass the Port

Come on, now. I’m not cheating on this daily prompt. These patrons needed a Passport to get to PORT-ugal.  


This Fortune appeals to me today.

When your insides go kablooey

Reba stood over the cookstove and wiped a forearm across her brow. “Least the weather’s turning warmer. Time to start planting. Think it might freeze again?” “How the hell would I know that?” Reba shifted her stance and glared at me. “Lawd, I just…

That’s what men (AND WOMEN) do

Something moved on my left. “Look, Giovanni!” I pointed to the anole sitting on the rim of the Miss Reba’s flowerpot. “You act like you’ve never seen a lizard before.” “It’s not just a lizard. It’s an anole. Look, there!” A pink bubble grew…

BLOW like a hurricane

The hundred yards might feel like a thousand. It doesn’t matter. If someone needs to save Mama from the wolves, it might as well be me. I gather courage like the Mayor gathers con-stitch-you-wants, and make my way to Scooter’s house. He sees me…

Miss Reba’s Elixir won’t stop a bullet

“So what was in that concoction Miss Reba made for Mr. Davis?” I asked. “She said it was honey, pepper, licorice, ginger, a couple of other ingredients I don’t remember. She made me hang an onion over his bed, too.” The thought made me…

Fairy kisses

“Ready?” Daddy says, looking at me. And then I remember something. “Brandon? You said Rachael liked Scooter’s get- well letter the best. How come?” “He drew her a heart. It was Purple with a big smiling face and red pokey hair. Had freckles, too.”…

If you are a Christian

As I sit here researching human rights, including the treatment of immigrants, the poor, the oppressed, I am reminded of my spirituality and the religions that are based on LOVE. One Christian song goes like this: Jesus loves the little children All the children of the world…

And that’s what I know about cheese

Do Something!

Being offended by social injustice is Meaningless if you don’t do something about it.