Month: April 2017

Maybe if I stay real still …

Carolyn won’t notice I’m in her koi pond.

Body Removal

Betty doesn’t look like Betty unless you stare long enough and Miss Helen’s too busy with body removal to take a good look. “What’s she got, Miss Helen?” Frank asks. “I have an inkling and, if I’m right, she needs medicine right away.” They…

You know those times …

… when you think you’ve learned all you’re capable of learning, and then, something wonderful happens? Today, me, the non-sewer, finished my granddaughter’s dress. The seams are wonky, it’s a little too big (falls off the shoulder), the back hem is longer than the…

Back off, Jack

Per her fuming, she decided to be alone. painting by CD-W Perfume

So, they asked:

… Have you traveled somewhere exciting lately? Yes, in my imagination to here: painting by CD-W Wanderlust

If you squint

Sometimes, a rock is just a rock. Not this time. If you squint or close one eye, you will see a person with a face either motioning you with an arm to come inside his dwelling. Or, maybe motioning you to stop and come no…

Get out your spray cans!

Yesterday, I finally went to Graffiti Park. Castle Hill (the Castle itself once was once a Military Institute) was supposed to be a building development. It failed but the concrete walls remained. So, guess what sneaky graffiti artists did? They painted. And painted. Now,…

3- minute rounds

Knackered (ˈnækəd) adj 1. exhausted; tired out 2. When Carolyn hits pads non-stop for a 3-minute round  (Very knackering) with trainer, Mark Brown

Our winged visitor

A Carolina wren found a place for her nest on top of our garage door opener! Hope she doesn’t mind the racket!

Shadow dancing

Nothing like a campfire out in the country to pull you back to reality. Turn up your volume to hear the music!!!