Red Flags and Alarm Bells

Whatever you believe, something is not right here!

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One day when my son and daughter, somewhere around 5-6 years of age, were out playing with friends, my son Michael came flying into the house ahead of the pack, pointing behind himself and breathlessly saying, “whatever they say I did, I didn’t do it!”  Needless to say, that threw up red flags and set off warning bells, knowing my son as I did, and it wasn’t long before I had eyewitness confirmation of his shenanigans.

When the president of a democratic nation and his staff are under investigation for possible collusion in a scheme by a foreign nation to steal an election, and that president suddenly fires the chief investigator, I am seeing those same red flags and hearing the same warning bells.  But this time, instead of a childish prank that left a little girl’s dolly without a head, the stakes are much higher.  The stakes here…

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Carolyn Dennis-Willingham

Carolyn's first book, "No Hill for a Stepper", was published in 2001. Her second book, "The Last Bordello" was published in August 2016. Her third novel, set in 1928, is currently being edited. When she's not writing, you can find her at the boxing gym, with kids and grandkids, or throwing a ball for her persistent mini Aussie. Carolyn celebrates diversity and is an advocate for social and civil rights.

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