Is the third time a charm?


Third Times a Charm 2.jpg

What words then do I write

When the ink is not to trust?

A plethora of letters yes!

The thoughts, themselves, disgust.

Do I have words left to say

That will not cause alarm?

Can I wake and try again

The third, perhaps, a charm?

(poem and art by me, CD-W)

Published by

Carolyn Dennis-Willingham

Carolyn is the author of two published books – No Hill for a Stepper, 2001, and The Last Bordello, 2016. Her third novel, The Moonshine Thicket, is set in 1928 and is currently enduring a professional edit. When not on her laptop, she serves as a lap top for her grandchildren. She is a retired Early Childhood Specialist, a fitness boxer, artist, and a ball thrower for her ever-persistent mini Aussie. In addition to her blogging website,, you may find her on Facebook and Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Is the third time a charm?

  1. Im not a poem critique, but I do judge art when I see it. Line drawing somehow allows the viewer to fill in the blanks,as it were. Your art work here is excellent.

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    1. I’m voicing this opinion because of an October 1943 Wee Wisdom magazine I’ve managed to save. Inside are many line drawings. The one that stands out most is a boy and girl raking oak leaves. Somehow I’m able to take away more from the drawing than if it were a photograph.

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