Month: August 2017

A loving parable

In the past when Papa was healthy,  I learned of this parable in the Bible. I was so Enamored by that kind of love that I would ask if he or Mama would like for me to wash their feet. Only a few times…

The Smart One in the Bunch

“You think Miss Primrose has the end of the year party planned out,” I say, changing the subject like I wish my teacher would when we’re studying mathematics. Scooter stops blowing his harmonica. “Crowns,” Scooter says. “Stupid crowns.” Last March, when Scooter turned fourteen,…

Trump’s on his way here?

He is on his way to Austin right now to visit our control center. I think I’ll crawl under my bed covers and take a nap so I can avoid his “Magnetic” personality. Daily word prompt: magnetic

Hurricane Harvey, it’s time to go

Houston, Texas (photos) is about three hours south of here (Austin). Those poor souls are struggling for survival. While some people are receiving the help they need, others are still stranded in their homes waiting for rescue. Meanwhile in Austin: Last week this creek near…

What blissful effort looks like

On the first day of vacation, I rented this beaut. Her gears were limited but her determination was great. Her basket remained empty, the backpack strapped to my body. Together, “Townie” and I headed up. I stopped a few times to dismount and push…

Our true history

Paying Homage to the ancient ones. (Click audio and view photos)   I can only imagine their struggles as they fought for survival.   daily word prompt:  Homage    

Folks, this Harvey ain’t no rabbit

In this case, Harvey is not the name of Jimmy Stewart’s imaginary rabbit in the film by the same name. No, Harvey is the new tour de force in my home state of Texas. In Austin, where I live, we are only seeing peripheral…

Be proud of where you are

Labor day is soon approaching and daily prompt’s word of the day is “Dignify.” I thought I’d kill two STONES with one BIRD. See you “at the top.”      

Sorry, couldn’t resist

  A nun In-habit.  This is Sister Mary Alfred Moes who started the Mayo Clinic.   Daily Word Prompt: inhabit

Eight seconds to wish you a good day or a good evening!