Month: September 2017

Chanting naked? You bet’cha!

“What are you going to do? Run around naked and chant?” When my husband had asked me that question years ago, I laughed. When I returned from the Hilde Girls women’s retreat, I laughed more when I said, “Yes, we did!” What is a…

How to take a joy ride in an elevator

You know how we sometimes feel uncomfortable in a crowded elevator? How people stare at their feet like they think they’re growing another foot? Or stare at the doors silently thinking, “Hurry up and open. Hurry up and open.” ? If you are tired…


Little Miss Muffet has lost her marbles! Last seen just before falling off her tuffet! If found, please return to Rubber Room 2. But be cautious Play it cool. She’s packing a tire tool.     Fun with photoshop 😉

(Almost October) Fall’s in the Air!!

(or without the apostrophe)    photo credit


My brain is prime for the rhyme these days. So when I saw the daily word prompt was launch? Egads! If you are expecting me to say “paunch,” well, see yesterday’s poem post – Hand Over That Fry! And yes, I’m a staunch supporter of…

Bouncing Pearls

Raindrops on a quiet lake dented water circles made by silver bouncing pearls hands that reach for bounty a pirates treasure catch them  make still the water   art by Georgia O’Keeffe  

Hand over that Fry!

I’d give it all for pecan pie  Or enchiladas! Beans! A cookbook only makes me sigh (Damn pictures of cuisine!) The pot is missing taters the pizza’s missing crust How ’bout a cookie later? Is dieting a must? The Fridgidaire is fortified the bakers…

Rev your engines!

  Grab you keys your self-esteem keep your hope alive and get behind your wheels of choice and drive, baby, drive!       photo credit and article


Day One: It poured on my parade of glee a deluge in my eyes the incidence, no coincidence Lost days, a sad demise. Day Two: Once again the morning comes the sun makes its reprise I leap in joy ’till learnt the ploy in…

Did they hear

… the snapping of my hidden camera? I hope it made them smile and gifted them with a greater appreciation for themselves and their surroundings a heart-held knowing that their beautiful moment has been captured in time