The spider and the fly


Trap me! (Yes, I dare you)

in deceptive woven lace

woo me with your splendor

inside that dark, confining space


Sing me love songs, buy me jewels

rubies, silver, gold

make your smile seem bona fide

and all the truth? Withhold!


But know this


Just when you thought you’ve caught me

in luring ropes, beware!

look closer in your tangled web

You’ll find it’s empty there


(Photo and poetry by C. Dennis-Willingham)


Published by

Carolyn Dennis-Willingham

Carolyn's first book, "No Hill for a Stepper", was published in 2001. Her second book, "The Last Bordello" was published in August 2016. Her third novel, set in 1928, is currently being edited. When she's not writing, you can find her at the boxing gym, with kids and grandkids, or throwing a ball for her persistent mini Aussie. Carolyn celebrates diversity and is an advocate for social and civil rights.

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