Month: December 2017

It’s That Time

Happy New Ears, everybody! May they be better at hearing the plight of the needy and skip past the parts where life is too greedy.   May they open up wide to those needing assistance and hop through the world with a healthy persistence….

He Can Run But He Can’t Hide

Narrated by Cono Dennis: I listened to those summer bugs, the cicadas, the ones that sound like sandpaper being rubbed together. Aunt Nolie’s radio started to crackle. We knew we were getting close. Finally, we heard the announcer, Clem McCarthy, saying that the fight was about…

Collect Your Stones

I Will Not Say

When I lay dying upon my bed when only past then lays ahead With only farewell’s left to bid I will not say, “I almost did.” When sheets are warm but cold within reflecting back on what has been all the times of profound gladness…

Back in Bad Ass Grandma’s hometown …

… her granddaughter smiles. “Mom, when will Bad Ass Grandma come back from her vacation?” “What’s so funny?”   “Thinking about what she did. She lifted one leg over something I couldn’t see then ran round and round while bouncing up and down.” “Why…

A Letter from Traveling Bad Ass Grandma

Note: From the last post, you may have gathered that Bad Ass Grandma needed a break from the holiday hoopla. As a result, she has packed her bag and is beginning her travels. After receiving her letters, I gather her first stop is the…

Bad Ass Grandma and the Van “Go” ‘s

I’m back in the sixties They called me ‘Peacenik’ The stars were alive and the smoke, it was thick!    

Making a Mess (She is me and I am her)

There is no proclivity for cleaning the house at least not for bad ass grandma she’d rather spend time making a mess it’s something she fervently plans on.   via Proclivity


He was mild in his manner and sound in his ways? Perhaps, but ‘Twas his creative spirit that was worthy of praise from my “Ben” series   via Mild

Wishing You Barrels, Not Teaspoons

In whatever ways you celebrate this time of year, I hope it includes a safe place to rest, a warm hearth surrounded by people you love, and extra measures of great joy and peace. Your friend, Carolyn D-W See winter celebrations here