Jeers for Fake Tears


She never gets tired of the sympathy visits.

The hugs, the tsk tsks,

the chorus’ of “oh, you poor dear”

So what she broke a bone?

It’s not like her heart lay open – split in the middle like a bagel ready for toasting.

I know she smiles when her visitors leave

How she says, “that’s better” while stuffing bon-bons in her cheeks.

Then another knock on the door and her face turns solemn again.

What a sham by a scam artist!

Doesn’t she know that people have real worries to contend with?

I can’t sympathize with the plight of an artificial pansy.

“All things are relative,” you say?

Well, I’m glad she’s not related to me.


image credit


via Sympathize

One thought on “Jeers for Fake Tears

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