Thank You, Yes, I’m Fine


Is my hair in little tangles

Do I laugh when I recline

Do I make my paintings messy?

Then, thank you, yes, I’m fine.


Do I lose my rhythm dancing

on a silvery cloud nine

and laugh since it don’t matter

if you laugh at my benign?


When I forget to wear the “good”shoes

where in fancy restaurant, dine

Can’t I let my toes be happy

while indulging my waistline?


Will you think of me uncouth if,

preferring the bus line,

I talk to random strangers

than the snobby, asinine?


Somewhere in the midst of fake

I have to draw the line

and teeter not upon it

but erect in my design.


And, thank you, yes, I’m fine.


Image credit, painting by Angela Morgan





via Messy

7 Comments on “Thank You, Yes, I’m Fine

  1. Being carefree and comfortable in such situations is bliss despite the eagle eye of the society.

    Amazing post!

    Enigma πŸ™‚ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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