Month: March 2018

I Will NOT Be a Blank Page

    WordPress weekly photo challenge: Story

Meet Me Half Way

  Meet me half way.   Without compromise our heels will blister our feet will tear, crack and falter We will stumble and crumble and the road will rise and swallow us whole. The demons will tug on our insides until nothing is left… Continue Reading “Meet Me Half Way”

This Ain’t Us

I didn’t grow up with “Good morning, Cono” smiles or quiet and calm conversations around the supper table. Maybe, we just learned not to speak our mind. Especially since one or two of the minds around the kitchen table might not like our notions.… Continue Reading “This Ain’t Us”

Step Away from the Ledge

What are you doing way up there? Are you trying to branch out? Expand your horizons? Or deaden them? How many ladders do you need? Are two not enough? Really, you don’t need ladders. Get down off that ledge. It won’t solve anything and,… Continue Reading “Step Away from the Ledge”

He Ain’t Normal

Although I’d thought about it many a time, I made it through half of the summer without killing No-Account. So has Aunt Nolie for that matter. Her and that dead-beat husband of hers seem be back to some kind of normal — which for… Continue Reading “He Ain’t Normal”

It’s Out There …

… All you have to do is run toward it.     Out of this World – Weekly Photo Prompt

A Quilted Journey

In every fabric of my soul where fibers weave and thread where stitching seems quite flawless there are stains from when I bled   Ah, but isn’t it quite marvelous to know this quilt  has tracked all my strains and struggles yet I still… Continue Reading “A Quilted Journey”

Thank You, Yes, I’m Fine

Is my hair in little tangles Do I laugh when I recline Do I make my paintings messy? Then, thank you, yes, I’m fine.   Do I lose my rhythm dancing on a silvery cloud nine and laugh since it don’t matter if you… Continue Reading “Thank You, Yes, I’m Fine”

A Restart to Nothing New

Delma mashes her little nose up against the window of the car. I stay quiet, thinking about what lays ahead, something I don’t yet know about.   I try to picture it, a town with gypsum snow under the ground, a town where Dad is… Continue Reading “A Restart to Nothing New”