Month: April 2018

The Poser

When your chic friends tell you how to pose … I may have thrown a disc. 🙂 via Lines

It’s Your Song

Are you comfortable with the company you keep? the skin that you wear? the decisions you make – the great ones, the good ones the bad ones and, even the terrible ones? Do you accept the wrinkles, the imperfections, the bones of your being?…

Discouraging but Deserving

I like looking at my teach, Mrs. Alexander, at her nice smile and her fancy dress. I keep picturing my mother getting to wear a dress like that someday. Right before it’s time to go home, Mrs. Alexander starts to teach us a new…

Aren’t You Too?

 I know I am. There is so much I still don’t know and, step by step, I will discovery more.       footsteps image credit via Inchoate

Set to Square

My Frigidaire’s in disrepair the water’s leaking everywhere My husband, well, he’s unaware He’s napping in his underwear. I tell myself, “do not despair.” There must be food I can prepare something fresh, a peach or pear? Poor Fridge, it’s had it’s wear and tear…


The day is done but the moon awakes. SCORE! via Rise/Set