Month: December 2018

Ideas Ensnared, Beware

Forgive me if I’m buggin’ and I do a little pluggin’ But I’ve got a bit of news I’d like to share You see, the inspiration Came from grandkids fine donation Of ideas of which they planted I ensnared I made a little book,…

How Fragile the Eggshells?

When I am with you how fragile are the eggshells beneath my feet? Will they break with the slightest touch? A mere cast of any eye? Should I walk with feet bare or can my soul and thoughts be bared and shared without fear…

Disappearing Act

We do it from time to time. Right? I’ve seen you do so (when I wasn’t disappearing). “WordPress? Blogging? Later …” you’ve said. Well, here’s a quick re-emergence, a brief “shout out” to say, GIVE ME A MINUTE. I’M ON A ROLL.