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The three me’s

I write. I have to. When not on my laptop I serve as the lap-top for my three grandchildren. I love to fitness box and paint. I’ve given birth to two published books, No Hill for a Stepper and the Last Bordello. My latest novel is way past its time in the editing womb..


I like my cyber friends. I may not be able to bring you chicken soup when you are sick, or wrap a blanket around you when you are cold. But I can touch your words on a computer screen and feel their meaning.

Favorite place: Our family homestead.


I’m really good at this kind of gardening:

img_2419     img_0432

Some say America is a melting pot of cultures. I prefer to think of our entire world as a mixed salad, each ingredient complimenting the other.

I celebrate our diverse world..

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41 Comments on “About

  1. So nice to find your blog by way of my buddy Jason of Harsh Reality – Opinionated Man! Enjoying my visit 🙂 *Catherine*

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  2. I love your page, I took at look at your art page and I love your work, I also noticed that you may be a boxing fan or even a boxer yourself from one of the pieces you did. We should connect and talk boxing sometime. I would have reached out to you but I didn’t see a contact page for you, so you can reach me at mine if you would like to.

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  3. Hello Carolyn!

    Let me begin by saying it is a pleasure to meet another lover of writing (and subsequently, reading)! It’s always a huge blessing for me to be able to connect with people that share some of the same interests and passions I do. Also, your dogs are super adorable. Fitness boxing! That’s great that you keep yourself health conscious too, but please don’t hit me if I ever anger you haha!

    Thank you for liking my recent post, and as I peruse through your blog content, I have to say, I really like what you write and I will most certainly follow! 🙂

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  4. I love your analogy of the U.S. as a ‘salad bowl’. I once taught a class on ‘Global Cultures’, and I referred to it as a ‘salad bowl’ rather than a melting pot, for each culture retains its own identity, customs and values, while becoming a part of a larger whole. Much nicer than everybody having to melt into sameness.

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