I’m Noi-vus!



My third novel is finished. I love Emma June, Scooter, moonshine-maker Miss Helen. I love Emma June’s determination to find her mama and bring her back home. I love the heart-warming elements, the dialogue…

So why am I NOI-VUS?

Tomorrow I will send The Moonshine Thicket off to a literary agency, the owner  I met and spoke with several years ago.

This past October, I “attended” a webinar where she and one of her agents were the hosts. The perk of the webinar was being able to submit your query, synopsis, or first ten pages (a total of 10 pages).

The agent I was assigned to was more than encouraging in her review. She gave me hope.

Still, I’m pondering. Am I ready?



My only worry …

Last night, we celebrated a late Thanksgiving with our kids and grandkids. The house was perfectly chaotic and I loved every moment.

Today, I sit back and relax (well, and blog). At this moment, my only worry is wondering if the fresh-pressed beet juice is staining my Invisalign’s! 

unknown-11                    img_9668

Happy Sunday, everyone!