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No longer publishing writing prompts? How am I supposed to find inspiration without my word guide? I mean, how can I truly think up a word all on my own? After all, words are scarce and hard to come by. I rarely see them,… Continue Reading “What?”

A Chipped Tooth of Honor

Gene is teaching me how to play checkers. He lets me be red and I learn about jumping and kinging. I think about Grady’s checkerboard and think that next time I might just ask him for a game. We could sit outside at his… Continue Reading “A Chipped Tooth of Honor”

When the Bull Gets the Last Laugh

Maybe it was a low point for Dad but for me, it was anything but. We were living at the Dennis ranch, when Dad came home drunk and decided it was time to act like a real rodeo star. I was standing outside the… Continue Reading “When the Bull Gets the Last Laugh”

The Rooster Produces

A little note from this all-over-the-map Rooster writer: Yes, my blog post themes hip hops from poetry to politics, from novel excerpts to photography. For this post, my former profession has returned. I have once again dipped my toes into that magical pond of… Continue Reading “The Rooster Produces”

The Worry Wrestler

Ike, my grandfather, ain’t mean like his son. Unless he’s breaking a horse or doing something else with purpose, he’s got a smile perched on his leathered face. He stays cool as a cucumber even when times are hard. I hardly ever see that worry bubble dancing over… Continue Reading “The Worry Wrestler”


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It’s Your Song

Are you comfortable with the company you keep? the skin that you wear? the decisions you make – the great ones, the good ones the bad ones and, even the terrible ones? Do you accept the wrinkles, the imperfections, the bones of your being?… Continue Reading “It’s Your Song”

Discouraging but Deserving

I like looking at my teach, Mrs. Alexander, at her nice smile and her fancy dress. I keep picturing my mother getting to wear a dress like that someday. Right before it’s time to go home, Mrs. Alexander starts to teach us a new… Continue Reading “Discouraging but Deserving”

Aren’t You Too?

 I know I am. There is so much I still don’t know and, step by step, I will discovery more.       footsteps image credit via Inchoate

Set to Square

My Frigidaire’s in disrepair the water’s leaking everywhere My husband, well, he’s unaware He’s napping in his underwear. I tell myself, “do not despair.” There must be food I can prepare something fresh, a peach or pear? Poor Fridge, it’s had it’s wear and tear… Continue Reading “Set to Square”