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Drowning Answers

Emma June’s dilemma.

Magic Ink

Writing inspiration

Written in Nature

How nature inspires our writing.

Facetiming a very old friend

#RoaringTwenties #Writing What was it like in the 20s one-hundred years ago? Was life more simple then when it was finally acceptable to apply makeup in public, to strap a flask of moonshine beneath your dress and take a sip before voting for the…

Get by with a little help from your (imaginary) friends

Letting our novel’s characters row the boat forward. #writing #authors


#writing #authors I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time picking and choosing and picking and choosing.


You’ve got a flow going. The inciting incident is spot on and the pacing is running at a good clip. But that one character? There is something you like about her otherwise you would have thrown her out a long time ago. But as…

Authors love new readers

All are welcome. Agility not required. (Thank you, Pixabay, for the free cute monkey image. I made him pay for the book)

The Bees knees

Working towards publication of novel.

The longest drumroll

… waiting to see it in print. (and fun with photoshop)