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Waiting for Traffic Before Crossing

The “Feeling” of Flavor

Flavorful is not the chip in front of me. It is seeing the knowledge in my great-grandmother’s eyes as she looks down It is the power of her fingers holding up my whole arm It is knowing that, in touching her hand, I feel… Continue Reading “The “Feeling” of Flavor”

Not the Usual Graffiti

Most times, when we walk through the dark toward the light, we find something uplifting.

The Time I met John Steinbeck

How, you ask, was this possible? Mr. Steinbeck’s nephew, a friend of mine, still oversees the place in Sag Harbor, New York and invited me, my husband and another couple to come for a few nights stay. Knowing I was (and am) a writer,  my… Continue Reading “The Time I met John Steinbeck”