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Hannah and Roman

They stood inside an ancient oak tree, steady on limbs thick, strong, and unbreakable. “What are we doing? Is this the right thing?” she asked. “I’m not sure. I’ve never done this either.” He showed her the ring. Simple, unique, creative just like she was.… Continue Reading “Hannah and Roman”

Anticipating a baby brother or sister

I worry that Mother’s not in the hospital. A few days ago I heard Aunt Nolie tell Mother, “Elnora, it’d be a whole hellova lot safer if ye had that baby in the hospital like ye did Cono.” They talked about the Great Depression… Continue Reading “Anticipating a baby brother or sister”

What does it mean to educate?

It means having a sister like mine. Words cannot express how proud I am of her. Pat has forever changed the lives of so many people including the ones who struggled and fought to be the first in their families to receive a higher… Continue Reading “What does it mean to educate?”

Our true history

Paying Homage to the ancient ones. (Click audio and view photos)   I can only imagine their struggles as they fought for survival.   daily word prompt:  Homage    

Be proud of where you are

Labor day is soon approaching and daily prompt’s word of the day is “Dignify.” I thought I’d kill two STONES with one BIRD. See you “at the top.”      

Eight seconds to wish you a good day or a good evening!

Perhaps arrogant in her visceral “knowledge”?

I understand most things around me. I capture them like a fireflies in a pickling jar. I stare at their truth until they have taught me what I need to know. Then, I let them go to gather more on their own. And if… Continue Reading “Perhaps arrogant in her visceral “knowledge”?”

Conscious Participant – Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Originally posted on a cooking pot and twisted tales:
As the deer pants for water so does my soul pant for peace in today’s world. Each day I wear my big girl pants and get on with living in the face of multiple challenges,…


When we abandon our “imaginary loved ones”: I have a lot of characters that could hang with David K’s Abigail and George. Maybe they could be friends in someone else’s book.

Life – Just stay on

Life is a carousel, don’t you think? We go round and round, a circle of life,  trying to catch the best parts. Sometimes, the ride is slow, like one at a kiddie park. Or maybe the ride never starts. Perhaps something is broken, the belt… Continue Reading “Life – Just stay on”