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Thank you, Michelangelo

and sorry my photo doesn’t give your work the justice it deserves. via Twisted


The day is done but the moon awakes. SCORE! via Rise/Set

It’s Out There …

… All you have to do is run toward it.     Out of this World – Weekly Photo Prompt

All Things Beloved

Missing a loved one? A special place? A special object that you once held dear? No matter what has transpired … All things beloved can be seen in the mind’s eye. -CD-W via Beloved  

Silent Whispers

Solitude internal whispers inspiration gathered strength in silence   Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

Would you wear this?

Some of you may have seen this before. It is still my favorite necklace. 😉   via Cheeky  

Note to Self

Sometimes, when your hands are tied with knots you can’t undo, your only choice is to wait patiently. Sometimes, you may be able to loosen those ties that bind and make a choice. Think through the difficult choices and make the decision with certain… Continue Reading “Note to Self”

More Than a Relic

While on vacation in Crested Butte, Colorado, I saw this old washing machine sitting in a front yard of a beautiful old house. Why did I take a photo? Not only was I mesmerized by its beauty, I pictured the gone-by years when it actually… Continue Reading “More Than a Relic”

Nothing to Fear

  Don’t be afraid open the window let in the air Take a peek inside, see hearts and ire candles and daggers roses and soot monuments and ruins a fortress and a tennament a marauder and a Nobel thunderstorms and clear skies an anchor… Continue Reading “Nothing to Fear”

For You, Anything. Except …

I planted flowers beneath the moon and all my hopes and dreams came true. I’d do anything for you except, dig them back up.   art by CD-W Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded