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Bad Ass Grandma and the Van “Go” ‘s

I’m back in the sixties They called me ‘Peacenik’ The stars were alive and the smoke, it was thick!    

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”
 — Jimi Hendrix       daily word prompt: Overcome Home

1960’s and back from Vietnam

http://mp3-128.cdn107.com/music/06/58/90/0658906179.mp3 (click play for full impact) If he were going to jump, he’d better do it now. One, two, three. Piece of cake. He rolled down and through the growth of weeds beside the tracks, his backpack cushioning him. Only a short walk and…

The guest of a Fruitcake

I had eaten my Swanson’s TV dinner on top of the TV tray and watched and listened to what I could on TV. Even Dr. Kildare, who usually makes me foolishly swoon, looked more like Barney Fife. I’m going bonkers. I know it. But…

Fighting for Freedom

Security in numbers. Read this great article here.


It was a major undertaking but worth it considering what I found as I marched back into the 1960’s! I couldn’t stand the clutter in my office, so I began. First, I had to clean out cabinets and drawers and throw away a bunch…