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Where Are You, America?

For me, and perhaps for you other Americans as well, this July 4th has been very different from all the others. I miss being able to travel from “sea to shining shore” to see fireworks, to have BBQ’s that include more family and friends….

Being Less Blind

He started with a solo unexpected, unplanned It was more than a quartet when others joined in. A sad event in American history a funeral an amazing song by Joan Baez incredible drawing and animation and a wonderful memory and reminder of the compassion…

Let’s get with it, America! Think again about these killing machines!

via “Fuck you, I like guns.”

One Can Dream

ready bystander status here  Photoshopped by me.        

Prepare to Ring the Bell

His crude and callous spoken words evokes in souls once light darkness, anger, and despair at him, the mighty “right.” But do not fear enlightened ones his sand is running low his hourglass, once emptied will restore the faith we know.   photo credit…

Noting a few of our immigrants

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”― Franklin D. Roosevelt “A nation ringed by walls will only imprison itself.”― Barack Obama “The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent…

Now, I know what this means

I don’t remember what I was thinking when I originally painted this. Now, the meaning is clear.  The “man” below symbolizes our country trying to hold up the Statue of Liberty, America.

Don’t like the Outcome?

  People are upset about the outcome of the election. I understand that. Here are two things you can do. The U.S. Constitution  gave us the right to assemble peacefully in protest. – Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting…

Let Freedom Ring

  “O’er the Land of the Free    and the home of the brave.”   Or -daily prompt  

Oh, Say Can You See?

… of the United States, have elected a new president and I spent most of yesterday in the dark, literally. Do I blame those who voted differently than me? Of course not. Our forefathers gave us that right. The ground beneath me (perhaps yours) has cracked and shifted….