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Looking at the Old with New Eyes

Differing perspectives can make for plenty of challenges between people – but it’s what makes us unique. I found this image in my old art portfolio book.

Fairytale Endings

I didn’t really mean for the painting to come out so pristine-ish (note the perfectly rounded left tree). However, I’ve grown to love the fairytale quality – a place of perfection where nothing can go wrong.

A Better View

We are never truly lonely when we love what’s in front of us. (my Pinocchio paintings photoshopped on pixabay’s background photo) Recognize the background photo?

Beat your drum slowly

* Does everything change? Love grows broader or thinner. Hope blossoms or wains. Despair peaks or evaporates. Fear paralyzes or fades. Does everything change? No need to hurry. Even change itself shifts its pace But nuggets of moments tucked neatly, a pocket filled of…

How Fragile the Eggshells?

When I am with you how fragile are the eggshells beneath my feet? Will they break with the slightest touch? A mere cast of any eye? Should I walk with feet bare or can my soul and thoughts be bared and shared without fear…

Imagination Helps

I so miss my fireflies, but these will do for now. Special thanks to Linda G. Hill for posting the above photo at #1linerWeds. (Top image is from my hand and mind)      

Keeping An Eye Out

The human course, it often baffles – the politics, ego, discord – who wants the giveaways of maniacs? No, they can keep their judgement raffles. But if something makes our bellies churn the core, an apple rotten, then curious it makes our eye perhaps,…

The Alliance

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ― Mother Teresa   A collage of my some of my paintings made with photoshop.

Thank you, Michelangelo

and sorry my photo doesn’t give your work the justice it deserves. via Twisted

Set to Square

My Frigidaire’s in disrepair the water’s leaking everywhere My husband, well, he’s unaware He’s napping in his underwear. I tell myself, “do not despair.” There must be food I can prepare something fresh, a peach or pear? Poor Fridge, it’s had it’s wear and tear…