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No, not all the land in Texas is flat!

Nor do we all ride horses and I haven’t worn my cowboy boots in years. We have real hills and even a river that flows in west Austin and  downtown– The Colorado River. Just sharing a few photos of Texas’ state capitol with y’all.… Continue Reading “No, not all the land in Texas is flat!”

Breaking routines to find treasures

Funny how, when a friend comes to town, you experience your home city with new eyes. So, when my friend Derick came to town, I broke my routine and did something I hadn’t done in a long while. We hiked up Mount Bonnell, and… Continue Reading “Breaking routines to find treasures”

Trump’s on his way here?

He is on his way to Austin right now to visit our control center. I think I’ll crawl under my bed covers and take a nap so I can avoid his “Magnetic” personality. Daily word prompt: magnetic

Our skyline is always changing

Transient- weekly photo prompt

I found a new place to write!

And yes, there are picnic tables, too!

Get out your spray cans!

Yesterday, I finally went to Graffiti Park. Castle Hill (the Castle itself once was once a Military Institute) was supposed to be a building development. It failed but the concrete walls remained. So, guess what sneaky graffiti artists did? They painted. And painted. Now,… Continue Reading “Get out your spray cans!”

Old with the new

I love looking at the past. I took this photo yesterday when I was downtown. These old railroad tracks have existed for over one-hundred years. I wonder if the new buildings will as well.

Crazy Olvie

The rock crashes through the front window and glass shatters over Gladys. Crazy Olvie reaches for the telephone that sits in its cubby space in the short hallway. “Hurry up, now. Read me the name of the Sheriff’s Department.” I know she meant to ask me to… Continue Reading “Crazy Olvie”

We Did It!!

Unfortunately, due to traveling, I was unable to be part of this glory.  I am so proud of my city’s turnout, including my daughter and granddaughter.  Over 50,000 showed up and made their voices heard.It  makes my heart swell! A Successful march, indeed! I am also… Continue Reading “We Did It!!”

Who Needs to be a copycat when

…  we can all be wonderfully creative? I love diversity of all kinds. Diversity adds to our awareness. Besides, I live in Austin, Texas where our slogan is:           If you must be a copycat, copy the good in people!… Continue Reading “Who Needs to be a copycat when”