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What Do You Think About When You Think About Nothing?

She says: “Erase all thoughts from your mind.” “Melt into the floor and think of nothing.” I don’t know about you but I find it extremely hard to think about nothing. The lights are out now. I guess that’s supposed to help. I’m laying…

How Could I Know? #writephoto

If you stay on one side and I the other how will I know the color of your eyes what tune your voice plays when your words lilt into the air? How will I know if humor is one of your senses or if the…

Keeping An Eye Out

The human course, it often baffles – the politics, ego, discord – who wants the giveaways of maniacs? No, they can keep their judgement raffles. But if something makes our bellies churn the core, an apple rotten, then curious it makes our eye perhaps,…

Growing Into Your Skin

I face less fears than I once did those growing pains while still a kid have turned into a pyramid of learning tools and skills.    – C. Dennis-Willingham ©   daily word prompt: Faceless

Still the Waters Calm

Still the waters calm  but not stagnant Static waters poison change. Shift, transform embrace the growth. Barren souls lack knowledge, awareness. Still the waters calm but move float drift evolve enlighten.   photo credit via Static

A Lesson Tethered to a Bad Memory

A sunny spring day and all the kids were across the street playing. I decided to take Buffy outside with me without a leash, something I never did – not even as a ten-year-old. We went across the street to the Mandy’s to  play…

The Puzzler

She puzzled and puzzled till her puzzler was sore She walked down the hallway and opened the door And to her amazement guess what she saw? The sky? The trees? No, not that at all! But pieces of colors all shades and all hues obstructing her vision…

The World is More

Ah! What a delight to open one’s eyes and discover the world is more than black and white.   painting by CD-W after Jean Siméon Chardin’s self portrait daily photo prompt: Black

Take Hold, Dear Mind

This crazy world when times, absurd the dark hard to endure take hold, dear mind of simple, calm a panacea cure   painting by CD-W daily word prompt: panacea

Recipe for Letting Go

In a cast iron skillet, add: their negative comments crass looks middle fingers curse words belittlement bullying judgements betrayal lies venom   Do NOT let the ingredients boil over, cause a fire, or ruin the pan (you might need it later) Let simmer for…