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Continuing to Breathe

A reminder to look for beauty everywhere.

You Can’t Rush the Blush

The conditions, in its favor The moment of magic, short-lived But when it happens, we all stop to look to admire to take pictures for safe-keeping that will always be a reminder – There might not always be a pot of gold, but if… Continue Reading “You Can’t Rush the Blush”

the Sighing of pedals

I grow my flowers lovingly  I  touch, their pedals sigh from knowing of their task in life –delight and mystify. The rose, it’s thorns protective, pierce a skin, naive of threat but once a droplet, red, descends the memory’s inset As the milkweed draws the… Continue Reading “the Sighing of pedals”

Did they hear

… the snapping of my hidden camera? I hope it made them smile and gifted them with a greater appreciation for themselves and their surroundings a heart-held knowing that their beautiful moment has been captured in time

Waiting for Traffic Before Crossing

Unexpected Colors in Reverse

Weekly Photo Prompt: Waiting to park. Image taken from the car’s rear-view camera.

Eight seconds to wish you a good day or a good evening!

Alone but not lonely

Me, my camera, and nature = Bliss. A Solitary moment. Daily Word Prompt

Praise for the Mountain

If I were a cow I would roam beneath a mountain and drink from a cool stream. If I were an Arrowleaf flower I would grow on a mountain hillside and smile proudly at the hikers passing by. If I were the remains of… Continue Reading “Praise for the Mountain”

Women, listen up

10 THINGS TIME HAS TAUGHT ME https://ladiespassiton.com/2017/08/03/10-things-time-taught/