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Feed the Birds

Come feed the little birds, show them you care And you’ll be glad if you do Their young ones are hungry Their nests are so bare All it takes is tuppence from you Feed the birds, tuppence a bag, Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag… Continue Reading “Feed the Birds”

Fear of Change

Why, birds, must you be angry? your cawing, dawning, cries on forceful wings with hope of spring your ire, it mystifies Perhaps it is your season call a changing time, alerting so others heed your time of need through winter, disconcerting Lay still your… Continue Reading “Fear of Change”

His name is “Dustbowl”

David Stalker captured another photo of his owl baby. To see how he progressed, click here.

Remember being a nervous parent? (or still are)

This daddy screech owl protected his owl nest while waiting for the eggs to pop open. And then, at least one, did! Quite a funny looking fellow, eh? I know this whole family is saying, “Thank you, David Stalker, for building this owl house… Continue Reading “Remember being a nervous parent? (or still are)”

Our winged visitor

A Carolina wren found a place for her nest on top of our garage door opener! Hope she doesn’t mind the racket!

Listen and see. Nature at its best!

My friend, David Stalker, captured this image last night in his backyard! A male Eastern Screech Owl. ¬†Click play to ¬†hear him!      

When A Bird Lives in Texas

A Hill Country home with a little mood lighting.