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If you study the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, will you become a better person? (inspiration from Tony Burgess Blog and JohnCOYOTE blog) If you bring your experiences to the surface, can you be a better actor? (inspired by RIVRVLOGR blog)… Continue Reading “INSPIRATION AND MY IM-PERFECT-TION”

I Appreciate’cha!

600 followers? But I’m not even a leader! Just a mere writer and voracious reader. Regardless,

Don’t let your unfinished stories pull your hair

Dear writers, Our written stories are supposed to come to a conclusion, to an end, to be Finite. At least, that’s the goal. But what if we find ourselves stuck somewhere in the middle of the story and there’s nowhere to go? Or, heaven… Continue Reading “Don’t let your unfinished stories pull your hair”

Eight seconds to wish you a good day or a good evening!

Do you have ASS?

I don’t want to cut my fu..king ear off like Van Gogh. Instead, I spit on creativity when I can’t sleep. (Not really. I love creativity) How do you bloggers and authors, when your cozy and warm in your bed, stop thinking about what to write… Continue Reading “Do you have ASS?”