It’s That Time

Happy New Ears, everybody!


May they be better at hearing

the plight of the needy

and skip past the parts

where life is too greedy.


May they open up wide

to those needing assistance

and hop through the world

with a healthy persistence.


May they make you stand taller

and proud of your straightness

so you will achieve

more moments of greatness.


Oh, and Happy New Year, too!

final granny– Carolyn




This Moment is for You

I just want to take a moment to thank you, all my blogging buds, for the time you have spent looking at my posts and for following me. For a writer, there is no greater compliment. (I know I ramble about all kinds of things)

I also thank you for your postings. They make me laugh, cry, think, learn, and fill me with inspiration. Looking forward to more!

—Carolyn D-W

IMG_2460                         —also known as Me-Maw cropped-resized-granny