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Disappearing Act

We do it from time to time. Right? I’ve seen you do so (when I wasn’t disappearing). “WordPress? Blogging? Later …” you’ve said. Well, here’s a quick re-emergence, a brief “shout out” to say, GIVE ME A MINUTE. I’M ON A ROLL.


If you study the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, will you become a better person? (inspiration from Tony Burgess Blog and JohnCOYOTE blog) If you bring your experiences to the surface, can you be a better actor? (inspired by RIVRVLOGR blog)… Continue Reading “INSPIRATION AND MY IM-PERFECT-TION”

I Appreciate’cha!

600 followers? But I’m not even a leader! Just a mere writer and voracious reader. Regardless,

This Moment is for You

I just want to take a moment to thank you, all my blogging buds, for the time you have spent looking at my posts and for following me. For a writer, there is no greater compliment. (I know I ramble about all kinds of… Continue Reading “This Moment is for You”

Good news and not so good

Here’s the good! I’m in Mexico with three other couples celebrating my hubbies B-Day. It’s so beautiful and the friendships are rock solid easy! Although I still have internet, I have no email access (even thru the host site) and, for some reason, the… Continue Reading “Good news and not so good”

My gift to you

I painted this on the first day of the Iraqi war and named it “Peace Bubbles.” (I sold this painting and believe it is hanging on a wall in a yoga studio in NYC) Whatever traditions you celebrate this season, I hope your life… Continue Reading “My gift to you”

The truth about my blogging “friends”

I blogged many years back and stopped. Maybe I didn’t understand it or maybe I just didn’t care. But I came back into “your” fold this past August because  I was on a mission. I had a goal and I haven’t done such a good… Continue Reading “The truth about my blogging “friends””

Mystery Blogger Award

Yippee! I was nominated for something! Thank you Andrei for giving me this challenge! Okay, three things about me – I’m not much of a mystery. Since I wear my heart on my sleeve, what you see is what you get (for better or worse). I… Continue Reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

RAW Journal Kernels – Dog?

Just for fun …

Can I serve my server an arrest warrant?

ERG! Woke up this morning to discover my server wasn’t delivering emails. That meant not being able to accurately keep up with my fellow bloggers. 😦 It seems to be working now, so tomorrow, I have three main items on my agenda list. Go… Continue Reading “Can I serve my server an arrest warrant?”