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Fight When You’re Tired

I so miss my boxing days but you can’t hit pads with social distancing. Still, the lessons I’ve learned still remain including – “fight when you’re tired.” Photo taken in Brooklyn, NY at the famous Gleason’s Gym.⁠ #activism #equality ⁠

Muscle for the Middle: Solutions and Substitutions to Stay Strong! — Mark Brown Fitness

Mark Brown’s Muscle for the Middle When did we become the old ones in the weight room? For those of us dipping a toe into middle age, we are fortunate to be part of the first generation of exercisers exposed to the great value… Continue Reading “Muscle for the Middle: Solutions and Substitutions to Stay Strong! — Mark Brown Fitness”

Life Lessons from the Ring – Questions to ask yourself

I was too young to remember the times my dad came home with blood on his clothes. It was my older sister who told me how our non-violent mother would cringe at the sight. Interesting that, even though I was two at the time,… Continue Reading “Life Lessons from the Ring – Questions to ask yourself”

The best of the bad asses

Years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and training with Ann Wolfe, known as possibly the greatest female boxer of all times. She was tough, no-nonsense. Three of us had the chance to get inside the ring with her. Of course, she wasn’t… Continue Reading “The best of the bad asses”

“Gotta protect yerself at all times”

I see Dad when he eyeballs the Tombstone, staring at him like he’s already pinned him in a corner. They dance around each other like feral cats waiting to pounce on a rat. Even though I can see Better now, I don’t get what… Continue Reading ““Gotta protect yerself at all times””

3- minute rounds

Knackered (ˈnækəd) adj 1. exhausted; tired out 2. When Carolyn hits pads non-stop for a 3-minute round  (Very knackering) with trainer, Mark Brown

That Fightin’ Instinct

I yelled, “fall out!” But, there’s one in every crowd. His name was “Johnson,” an ex-merchant marine with big old biceps who thought he could fight a circular saw and come out ahead. He pulled the cover over his head as if that was… Continue Reading “That Fightin’ Instinct”

A Boxing Tradition-Thanks, Daddy

So recently, my one-year-old granddaughter came to watch me box (see picture below). As many of you know, I love boxing. Not competitively, of course. I do it for fitness. We hit pads and bags, practice defensive, etc. We kick, too, but being a… Continue Reading “A Boxing Tradition-Thanks, Daddy”

Boxing Matches

A Good Match

Boxing Tradition and life metaphors

(Featured image is my play on words) Yes, it is Boxing Day. But in my life, it means I wrap my hands and plunk on my 16 oz. gloves. But it means more… My grandfather boxed whenever a traveling carnival came near his town. If… Continue Reading “Boxing Tradition and life metaphors”