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Karma for Snobs?

The day Miss Vivian was thrown off her high horse, people didn’t look so small anymore.   – by C. Dennis-Willingham

A Letter from Traveling Bad Ass Grandma

Note: From the last post, you may have gathered that Bad Ass Grandma needed a break from the holiday hoopla. As a result, she has packed her bag and is beginning her travels. After receiving her letters, I gather her first stop is the…

Adventures of Badda-Assa Grandma: Episode 1

      cartoon and photoshop by CD-W

Bad Ass Grandma

Bada Assa Glam-ma didn’t strive for eli-gance. Why bother with the hoo-pla when she came by it per chance? photoshopped by CDW via Elegance  

The Woman’s Wee Man

So much did she love her wee Sammy Crockett she kept him tucked safely inside her shirt pocket. He didn’t much mind the prospect at first he never was hungry, nor parched from a thirst. The lining was soft, the fabrics in style He…