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Continuing to Breathe

A reminder to look for beauty everywhere.

The Peach Stand

Sweat puddles and drips down to her seven-year-old feet like the ice cream will soon do. A sweltering Texas summer. Grandpa grins through his cigar, proud of his summer income. Peaches in boxes and sacks. Peaches in crates lined up on tables beneath his… Continue Reading “The Peach Stand”

Before Amber Alerts

She was told how fun it would be to watch the parade in small town Fredericksburg, Texas. “Exciting for a four-year-old.” “Look at that float!” “Carolyn, do you see the clown?” No. All she saw was the backsides of wiggly people in front of her.… Continue Reading “Before Amber Alerts”

Maybe Tomorrow

She chokes on the water and knows what she needs. A concession stand with vending machines. A flimsy cup no bigger than the size of her small hand drops to the tray and is filled with soda, carbonated water, and ice. A Bruce’s fried pie… Continue Reading “Maybe Tomorrow”


This is Mary Jane.   She is a paper doll created by Milton Bradley Co. in the 1950’s. This is me, created by Mom and Dad in the 1950’s. This is Paper Doll Me created by, well, me a few days ago.  Why a… Continue Reading “THIS IS NOT MY BRAIN ON DRUGS”

Ah, Those Mentors Who Have Not Been Touched by the Absolute

I decided to look up one of my favorite words along with my favorite poet. Here’s what I got: What? Emily Dickinson hasn’t posted anything within 14 days?? And then I thought of how we rekindle our own imaginations – through the eyes of… Continue Reading “Ah, Those Mentors Who Have Not Been Touched by the Absolute”

What Grown-ups Forget

Sad, isn’t it? What? They’ve forgotten. Yes. Very sad. Because they’re not elephants. Huh? Elephants never forget. They even teach their babies how to play in the mud. Elephant babies are lucky. My parents always tell me to stop playing in sludge. I tell… Continue Reading “What Grown-ups Forget”

More than Nostalgia

The wonderful thing about writing down memories is keeping them. Because later, like me, you will find those written words. I wrote this 26 years ago when my son was two years old: As grown-ups, we have learned much about life. But we learn… Continue Reading “More than Nostalgia”

Trying to Break Free: A Lesson in Determination

Mom has given me cherry-flavored Lundren’s throat lozenges for my sore throat. I keep them in my coat pocket. At playground time, I am the most popular girl at the swing set. It is springtime. We have an incubator in our lunchroom. It has… Continue Reading “Trying to Break Free: A Lesson in Determination”

No Longer Can I Fill these Shoes

No longer can I fill these shoes. Yet I remember a time when the patent leather formed neatly around my feet soft, worn, comfortable Soles carefree and made of ease durable for playing chase and hide and seek or freeze tag in the dark… Continue Reading “No Longer Can I Fill these Shoes”