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Disclaimer: No child or pet were harmed during the making of this photo. All are available on Amazon, well, not the kids or the dog. 🙂 One of “my” kids, who just turned three, had NO desire to be part of my shenanigans (smart… Continue Reading “Shameless!”

A Better View

We are never truly lonely when we love what’s in front of us. (my Pinocchio paintings photoshopped on pixabay’s background photo) Recognize the background photo?

Protect the Children

Oh little child, your hunger grows for things outside your world of woes gangs and morsels you feed upon to gather strength and carry on. Sirens bellow, flashing lights weaken so the appetite windows now your only shield from who you are and what… Continue Reading “Protect the Children”

My Unexpected, Wonderful Encounter with the Real Mr. Rogers

Last night, Thanksgiving evening, I relaxed on the couch with my turkey sandwich and watched the documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” Especially in this political climate, the perfect way to end the day of gratitude. And so, with the new release of “It’s… Continue Reading “My Unexpected, Wonderful Encounter with the Real Mr. Rogers”

The Gift of Connection

He was alone, crying in his hospital crib. Carefully manipulating the foreign attachments to his body – one feeding tube and a blood pressure line attached to his ankle, the IV taped and secured to his right arm, I picked him up. I sat… Continue Reading “The Gift of Connection”

Ideas Ensnared, Beware

Forgive me if I’m buggin’ and I do a little pluggin’ But I’ve got a bit of news I’d like to share You see, the inspiration Came from grandkids fine donation Of ideas of which they planted I ensnared I made a little book,… Continue Reading “Ideas Ensnared, Beware”

The Rooster Produces

A little note from this all-over-the-map Rooster writer: Yes, my blog post themes hip hops from poetry to politics, from novel excerpts to photography. For this post, my former profession has returned. I have once again dipped my toes into that magical pond of… Continue Reading “The Rooster Produces”

Do You Like Children?

Not everyone does, you know. Some adults think that those little human “beans” should sprout somewhere else, anywhere but in their close proximity. Yes, children are loud and can irritate and inflame every nerve to the point where anti-inflamatories don’t work. Children are curious… Continue Reading “Do You Like Children?”

Back in Bad Ass Grandma’s hometown …

… her granddaughter smiles. “Mom, when will Bad Ass Grandma come back from her vacation?” “What’s so funny?”   “Thinking about what she did. She lifted one leg over something I couldn’t see then ran round and round while bouncing up and down.” “Why… Continue Reading “Back in Bad Ass Grandma’s hometown …”

More than Nostalgia

The wonderful thing about writing down memories is keeping them. Because later, like me, you will find those written words. I wrote this 26 years ago when my son was two years old: As grown-ups, we have learned much about life. But we learn… Continue Reading “More than Nostalgia”