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In Memory

🖤❤️⁠ In memory of Emmitt Till, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and too many others.⁠⁠If this poem resonates with you, please post of your compassion and tag me or leave a comment so I can be filled up with your words Or, feel free to…

Care for Yourself

When flying, they always say “place the oxygen mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others”. This is a reminder to always take care of yourself first and, if lost, reclaim your position in life.

A Hint of Peace

Sometimes, between the wall that divides us,  grows a single rose.  

If More of Us Would Follow in His Footsteps

Over 25 years ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting this true celebrity. He was the real deal – the same person I saw on PBS stood before me, thanked me for my service to young children, had his assistant take our picture…

When I Grow Up …

  She believed there were only pros to fusing things together the bricks to build her house the quilts to keep her grandchildren warm the neighbors at the parties she threw She was a pro at fusing things. Nothing came apart. Nothing tore. Nothing…

The Hidden to Light

Entertain me with your laughter not your bravado dance for me a jig and smile when I join you Extend your hand and walk me across the water into a field of wild flowers Run without thought to catch my hat from the breeze…

It’s Not About Looks

You win some and you lose some but in his case, his winsome personality made him win more than he lost. via Winsome

Grow Some

Find the Direction

It has come to pass that compassion is the best compass to a greater world. – CDW photo credit     via Compass  

When Walking …

Look left, and maybe you’ll find … … the best kind of pedestrian – protective and kind   Weekly Photo Prompt : Pedestrian PEDESTRIAN