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Can We Blame Everything on CoVid?

Things to do during CoVid lockdown.

Just Saying

A reminder to stay safe.

Revenge 2


Locked Down? Let Your breath travel – 8

Is it not Life tries to ruse by preaching riches can amuse? The unpretentious conscientious find true meaning in life’s clues. See previous here

Locked Down? Let Your breath travel – 7

And isn’t it the butterfly Who, at first, must analyse escaping routes and second doubts before it reaches sky? See previous here

Locked Down? Let your breath travel

The sands of time, they move to lure passing moments most demure each bit of grain each one contained to keep us safe and sure. See previous here

Quarantined? Let Your breath travel – 5

And, oh to dance with wild abandon beating heart, the true companion freeing spirit listen, hear it revive the notes in soul’s grand canyon. See Previous

Locked Down, Brain open

I’m an avid gym-ster. Most weeks I hit it at least five times a week. Last time I went was March 12th and it seems like months ago. On lockdown with husband, daughter, her boyfriend and my two grandkids (ages 4 and 2), I…

Quarantined? Let your breath travel 4

Still with me? Good. I like it when we to stick together, even if from afar. See previous