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Writers need to keep every snippet of wonderment they can muster. 🧚🏽‍♀️🦄 That’s where the diamonds are buried.

Do You Like Children?

Not everyone does, you know. Some adults think that those little human “beans” should sprout somewhere else, anywhere but in their close proximity. Yes, children are loud and can irritate and inflame every nerve to the point where anti-inflamatories don’t work. Children are curious… Continue Reading “Do You Like Children?”

Ah, Those Mentors Who Have Not Been Touched by the Absolute

I decided to look up one of my favorite words along with my favorite poet. Here’s what I got: What? Emily Dickinson hasn’t posted anything within 14 days?? And then I thought of how we rekindle our own imaginations – through the eyes of… Continue Reading “Ah, Those Mentors Who Have Not Been Touched by the Absolute”

When Numbers Play Hopscotch

Although my body has never been flexible (can’t blame age for that one) I like to think I’m flexible in my thinking. But not always. My opinions on important matters have remained constant – my position on gun safety, on child advocacy, on human… Continue Reading “When Numbers Play Hopscotch”

Just Try

It is quite indisputable we all can act delusional I believe it to be suitable to live a life unusual The world is not inscrutable it’s alive with things quite beautiful and everything’s improvable Just try.   photo credit   via Inscrutable  


If you study the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, will you become a better person? (inspiration from Tony Burgess Blog and JohnCOYOTE blog) If you bring your experiences to the surface, can you be a better actor? (inspired by RIVRVLOGR blog)… Continue Reading “INSPIRATION AND MY IM-PERFECT-TION”

More Colors, Please

If we funnel our time and energies into being creative, we will see more colors. And, we will have more fun! art by CD-W via Funnel  


He was mild in his manner and sound in his ways? Perhaps, but ‘Twas his creative spirit that was worthy of praise from my “Ben” series   via Mild

Deception of the Eye

We all know that our eyes can be deceptive. Most of the time, we see what we want to see …  until someone points us toward the truth. “No, that’s not possible,” I told my friend on our visit to Florence, Italy. “Oh, my… Continue Reading “Deception of the Eye”

Critter Clocks

He sat and pondered on his couch engrossed by such a  day the clock forgot to set itself and the shadows ran astray   He’d sat enthralled much earlier inside a chicken coop grew feathers on his arms and legs and hollered out a… Continue Reading “Critter Clocks”