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Fight When You’re Tired

I so miss my boxing days but you can’t hit pads with social distancing. Still, the lessons I’ve learned still remain including – “fight when you’re tired.” Photo taken in Brooklyn, NY at the famous Gleason’s Gym.⁠ #activism #equality ⁠

I Will NOT Be a Blank Page

    WordPress weekly photo challenge: Story

When Pencils Need Sharpening

We were born. We didn’t have a choice. We didn’t enroll for this class called “LIFE.” Why would we ever want to “unenroll”? We might miss something unexpected, something better. Yes, some days all the hallways are the same. They lead to the same… Continue Reading “When Pencils Need Sharpening”

Ashes to Dreams

A meager end of one’s desires Helpless, falls within the fires Softly heard the silent pleas For targets reached with greater ease.   Bemoan the loss of relinquished goals That lay defeated upon the coals As sparks take flight and seconds clash They cruelly… Continue Reading “Ashes to Dreams”

A Smarter Plan

A better hand to beat the man I know which is the cheater But he won’t stop my smarter plan and nothing tastes much sweeter. Painting by CD-W – 1 of 5 of Box People series    

Trying to Break Free: A Lesson in Determination

Mom has given me cherry-flavored Lundren’s throat lozenges for my sore throat. I keep them in my coat pocket. At playground time, I am the most popular girl at the swing set. It is springtime. We have an incubator in our lunchroom. It has… Continue Reading “Trying to Break Free: A Lesson in Determination”

The “CAN” Polish is Free

“Getting older is inevitable: Aging is optional” – Christine Northrup I know, I know. It’s hard sometimes to get motivated to eat right and exercise, not only our bodies, but our minds. But since I’m about to scroll down another line to hit the… Continue Reading “The “CAN” Polish is Free”

What does it mean to educate?

It means having a sister like mine. Words cannot express how proud I am of her. Pat has forever changed the lives of so many people including the ones who struggled and fought to be the first in their families to receive a higher… Continue Reading “What does it mean to educate?”

Life – Just stay on

Life is a carousel, don’t you think? We go round and round, a circle of life,  trying to catch the best parts. Sometimes, the ride is slow, like one at a kiddie park. Or maybe the ride never starts. Perhaps something is broken, the belt… Continue Reading “Life – Just stay on”

Love in the Dustbowl

Lyrics from one of my favorite songs. Baby I know that we’ve got trouble in the fields When the bankers swarm like locust out there turning away our yield The trains roll by our silos, silver in the rain They leave our pockets full… Continue Reading “Love in the Dustbowl”