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Aren’t You Too?

 I know I am. There is so much I still don’t know and, step by step, I will discovery more.       footsteps image credit via Inchoate

More than Nostalgia

The wonderful thing about writing down memories is keeping them. Because later, like me, you will find those written words. I wrote this 26 years ago when my son was two years old: As grown-ups, we have learned much about life. But we learn… Continue Reading “More than Nostalgia”

Risk anyway

It’s risky business, first learning to paint being creative, letting go of restraint who wouldn’t want to see two women chattin’ But maybe not Churchill compressed in a wagon.   (a couple of my numerous early paintings) daily word prompt: Risky

No Longer Can I Fill these Shoes

No longer can I fill these shoes. Yet I remember a time when the patent leather formed neatly around my feet soft, worn, comfortable Soles carefree and made of ease durable for playing chase and hide and seek or freeze tag in the dark… Continue Reading “No Longer Can I Fill these Shoes”

The View from a Gutter Isn’t Always Bad

We didn’t know it at the time. It wasn’t planned. But it happened. On the walk home from our second grade class, my best friend, Vanita, and I took a wee bit of a detour. We walked down the creek bed and into the… Continue Reading “The View from a Gutter Isn’t Always Bad”

The “Feeling” of Flavor

Flavorful is not the chip in front of me. It is seeing the knowledge in my great-grandmother’s eyes as she looks down It is the power of her fingers holding up my whole arm It is knowing that, in touching her hand, I feel… Continue Reading “The “Feeling” of Flavor”

Are you flatlining?

Change can be hard. Change takes you out of your comfort zone, out from under your safe and warm blankie. Yes, change can sometimes be scary. But without it, how do we grow? How do we learn anything new? Without change, how can we… Continue Reading “Are you flatlining?”

If you squint

Sometimes, a rock is just a rock. Not this time. If you squint or close one eye, you will see a person with a face either motioning you with an arm to come inside his dwelling. Or, maybe motioning you to stop and come no… Continue Reading “If you squint”

When we forget the “magic” in our world

We must count on children to remind us.  

The Lone Deserter

The lone deserter travels on, through tapestry of green, paying no attention to the land he’s never seen. Passion pocketed for later use, the milestones tucked away, with treasures from another life he once felt sure would stay. Trying for clear passage, his back now… Continue Reading “The Lone Deserter”