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Ideas Ensnared, Beware

Forgive me if I’m buggin’ and I do a little pluggin’ But I’ve got a bit of news I’d like to share You see, the inspiration Came from grandkids fine donation Of ideas of which they planted I ensnared I made a little book,… Continue Reading “Ideas Ensnared, Beware”

Being Less Blind

He started with a solo unexpected, unplanned It was more than a quartet when others joined in. A sad event in American history a funeral an amazing song by Joan Baez incredible drawing and animation and a wonderful memory and reminder of the compassion… Continue Reading “Being Less Blind”

Inclusiveness Doesn’t Need a Permit

WE CAN ALL GET ALONG   Come in the house, little mouse I have a muffin just for you it’s made with chocolate drops and lollipops quite yummy once you chew   Come in the house little cat and be nice to little mouse… Continue Reading “Inclusiveness Doesn’t Need a Permit”

Wishing You Barrels, Not Teaspoons

In whatever ways you celebrate this time of year, I hope it includes a safe place to rest, a warm hearth surrounded by people you love, and extra measures of great joy and peace. Your friend, Carolyn D-W See winter celebrations here  

White Girl Dancin’

Small town Mississippi visitin’  a friend  stayin’ in a shotgun house tilted on one end Main Street short railroad long light’nin’ bugs flicker with their own torch song Blues man playin’ me ‘an cook staff laughin’  holding’ our bellies at this white girl dancin’… Continue Reading “White Girl Dancin’”

Speaking out against bigotry

I was never a fan of George W. Bush when he was our U.S. President. In fact, I was very angry with him at the time. Time changes things. Five or so years ago, I saw him and President Clinton speak together at a forum… Continue Reading “Speaking out against bigotry”

Quite the Keyboard

On a scale from from one to ten where do you fit in? On a scale from high to low which direction do you go? On a scale from left to right undisturbed or too uptight? On a scale from A to G what… Continue Reading “Quite the Keyboard”

What does it mean to educate?

It means having a sister like mine. Words cannot express how proud I am of her. Pat has forever changed the lives of so many people including the ones who struggled and fought to be the first in their families to receive a higher… Continue Reading “What does it mean to educate?”

Backstabbing during a hurricane

In case you haven’t heard, Trump continues to posture and force Mexico to build a wall on the Texas border to “keep Mexican immigrants out” of the U.S Meanwhile, just over the border, Mexico has offered to help get Texas “back on its feet… Continue Reading “Backstabbing during a hurricane”

Tomorrow, August 19th, freedom of speech will be tested again

  Dear Boston, Tomorrow, you have a choice. The far-right has scheduled another rally. Some may be your citizens, some may come from other places. Some of you will oppose the rally. Yes, the far-right has a right to speak. Perhaps, if you are… Continue Reading “Tomorrow, August 19th, freedom of speech will be tested again”