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A Lesson Tethered to a Bad Memory

A sunny spring day and all the kids were across the street playing. I decided to take Buffy outside with me without a leash, something I never did – not even as a ten-year-old. We went across the street to the Mandy’s to  play… Continue Reading “A Lesson Tethered to a Bad Memory”

Waiting for Our Hearts to Mend

I will gorge myself with feathers to be light upon my feet as I traipse across the foothills shaking every paw I meet I will stroke the furs with touches soft and kind will be my voice as I offer safety, comfort and a… Continue Reading “Waiting for Our Hearts to Mend”

The Good Thing about “Meh” Posts

Yesterday was a “meh” post day for me – a cute puppy and an attempt at a witty daily word prompt. The good thing about a “meh” post is thinking about it. So, today, learning the new prompt, I thought more about puppies and… Continue Reading “The Good Thing about “Meh” Posts”

Love those Poo-Paws

  Four snippets                    of a Whippet  equals adorable photo credit via Snippet

That rare gift of laughter

One Thanksgiving when we lived in the Tourist Court, we had enough food for Mother to make a real meal, but it was Pooch who landed on Plymouth Rock. We didn’t have money to buy a turkey, but somehow Mother got hold of an… Continue Reading “That rare gift of laughter”

Don’t even think about it, Grand-Dog

Maybe if I stay real still …

Carolyn won’t notice I’m in her koi pond.

Wake up, Everybody! (and hold your ears)

The three-legged way of looking at life

The Great Gatsby stands and walks toward me. I back up and wonder where his slingshot is. “We won’t bother with a real handshake,” he says. “Just give me the damn hooch, and we’ll call it a deal.” I hand over the Mason jar. He… Continue Reading “The three-legged way of looking at life”

Remembering and thinking of my sweet Lizzie

My charcoal sketch of Lizzie and me.