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One Can Dream

ready bystander status here  Photoshopped by me.        

Prepare to Ring the Bell

His crude and callous spoken words evokes in souls once light darkness, anger, and despair at him, the mighty “right.” But do not fear enlightened ones his sand is running low his hourglass, once emptied will restore the faith we know.   photo credit… Continue Reading “Prepare to Ring the Bell”

Your Ass-Sets a Low Bar

  If we hear you play the piano, you are a pianist. If you show us the carrots and onions you grew, you are a gardener. If you hand us a copy of your signed novel, you are an author. If you are pulling… Continue Reading “Your Ass-Sets a Low Bar”

He Who Braggeth Too Loud

I have a theory. If a fella has to constantly tell other people how nice and how smart he is, he’s probably not. #mypolitics See his statement here   via Theory  

Junk mail

I’m so glad my email box knows this is junk mail!

Save PBS

Dear President Trump, Sesame Street is our home. Please don’t cut funding for the arts which includes PBS. Signed, Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, Kermit  

Am I really thanking Trump?

No, but … We The People had been far too complacent. Most Republicans and Democrats thought he would never win. He did. Snuck right under our noses like a not-so-quiet thief in the night. Then, when we rose, said, “what happened to all our shit?” Trump has… Continue Reading “Am I really thanking Trump?”

Dear Russia,(note to self, omit “dear”)

I have your number in more ways than one. The tour company gave us this card before entry into your country in case  of an emergency. I kept it, taped it to my Mac, the one you will probably hack.   Although my husband and I had… Continue Reading “Dear Russia,(note to self, omit “dear”)”