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Jeers for Fake Tears

She never gets tired of the sympathy visits. The hugs, the tsk tsks, the chorus’ of “oh, you poor dear” So what she broke a bone? It’s not like her heart lay open – split in the middle like a bagel ready for toasting….

To Ask for Help

The inside of your mind is torn you ache for someone’s guidance yet thrusted hand keeps them away retained, a thunderous silence   Problems stem from holding back and keeping troubles bound The tigers growl, the gators snap the lions, they surround   Isn’t…

Don’t Take My Mad

I like my mad it suits me just fine Don’t try to take it, or break it  it’s mine.   I’m Tarzan on a swing Foreman in the ring my ire shoots out like a natural spring   I like my mad it keeps…


This Fortune appeals to me today.

When we yearn to touch

but can’t because we are mere Shadows of ourselves. Aren’t we all, at times?

The Greatest SHOW in the world is not …

… the retired Ringling Bros. Circus. The Greatest Show in the World is  witnessing: the sparkle in an older woman’s eyes when the toddler runs to her with arms wide squeaking, “Grandma!” the squeals of delight attached to smiling faces of children playing in the park the pride…

Which perspective today?

Same art, different perspective. Are you Calm or Struggling?   From my art portfolio I thought I’d lost.