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What Good Is a Window?

What good is a window   if there’s nothing to see  no season of fall  no drifting of leaves  What good is a window  if there’s only a wall.    What good is a window  if it’s sealed on all sides  if it always stays… Continue Reading “What Good Is a Window?”

Still the Waters Calm

Still the waters calm  but not stagnant Static waters poison change. Shift, transform embrace the growth. Barren souls lack knowledge, awareness. Still the waters calm but move float drift evolve enlighten.   photo credit via Static

I measure every Grief I meet

I measure every Grief I meet (561) Emily Dickinson, 1830 – 1886 I measure every Grief I meet With narrow, probing, eyes –  I wonder if It weighs like Mine –  Or has an Easier size. I wonder if They bore it long –  Or did it… Continue Reading “I measure every Grief I meet”

To Plant Again

A meager end of one’s desires Helpless, falls within the fires Softly heard the silent pleas For targets reached with greater ease. Bemoan the loss of relinquished goals That lay defeated upon the coals As sparks take flight and seconds clash They cruelly wither… Continue Reading “To Plant Again”

Concede to breathe

Concede that much of life is beyond our control.   But recognize distinction between fact or merely theory what you can and cannot see enlightened recognition accept adapt succumb to breathing free     photo credit daily word prompt: Succumb

Stand Terra Firma

  Do not trespass upon my goldmine try to uncover, take or polish my gems. It is my shaft of discovery waiting only for me It is my quarry.   Why attempt to tend, cultivate, till, harvest, tame a terrain not your own? I planted… Continue Reading “Stand Terra Firma”

What do YOU see? Can you see FARTHER?

  Is this a puppy asleep on a couch, OR   a moon through an open curtain?   The same photo from a different perspective The same “fact” with opposing views   No wonder it’s difficult to convince others of what WE believe is… Continue Reading “What do YOU see? Can you see FARTHER?”

RAW Journal Kernels- Where is YOUR head?

All these old journal kernels (entries) are raw, unedited and scanned into this blog.  Transcript

I looked, but found something better

  I found a treasure instead. My piano, “Three-Legged Dog”, a 1917 parlor-grand Steinway piano, helped me write this poem for her coming-out, coming home party in 2000. We celebrated her arrival in 1920’s costume and music. She was born in Chicago in 1917, went to New York,… Continue Reading “I looked, but found something better”