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Fight When You’re Tired

I so miss my boxing days but you can’t hit pads with social distancing. Still, the lessons I’ve learned still remain including – “fight when you’re tired.” Photo taken in Brooklyn, NY at the famous Gleason’s Gym.⁠ #activism #equality ⁠

Where Are You, America?

For me, and perhaps for you other Americans as well, this July 4th has been very different from all the others. I miss being able to travel from “sea to shining shore” to see fireworks, to have BBQ’s that include more family and friends.… Continue Reading “Where Are You, America?”

Filling the Sinkhole Together

There has to be a loophole for us who still believe in justice, freedom and our rights amidst dishonesty.   This gap won’t last much longer for together we’ll encroach to fill the sinkhole with the hearts we’ll never let them poach.   Hands… Continue Reading “Filling the Sinkhole Together”

Speaking out against bigotry

I was never a fan of George W. Bush when he was our U.S. President. In fact, I was very angry with him at the time. Time changes things. Five or so years ago, I saw him and President Clinton speak together at a forum… Continue Reading “Speaking out against bigotry”

Tomorrow, August 19th, freedom of speech will be tested again

  Dear Boston, Tomorrow, you have a choice. The far-right has scheduled another rally. Some may be your citizens, some may come from other places. Some of you will oppose the rally. Yes, the far-right has a right to speak. Perhaps, if you are… Continue Reading “Tomorrow, August 19th, freedom of speech will be tested again”

Simply put

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” – Benjamin Franklin    

Keep Your Poisonous Swab away from MY Canal

On a scale from one to Ten on the happiness meter, I’d say that  I’m a fairly consistent eight. But, unfortunately, the needle of my frustration o-meter’s is perilously close to the danger zone. Why? My core belief system, my moral code has not only been challenged, but… Continue Reading “Keep Your Poisonous Swab away from MY Canal”

Four Million Threads

  They showed from every corner From sea to shining sea And set their sights to ameliorate The key of democracy. And, across the globe they crowded Lifting wings of strength, declared the rights of all humanity Shall no longer be impaired. Yes, on… Continue Reading “Four Million Threads”

We will not go back!

This blog post is dedicated to strong women and the men who love us. In history, although suppressed by politics, there have always been strong women.  In the 1800’s women couldn’t fathom the idea of breaking, or even reaching a glass ceiling. I know. We’re closer today,… Continue Reading “We will not go back!”

The Red Bordello Door-To Enter Or Not?

  If you choose to go inside… Madam Fannie Porter will answer your knock, her  head tilted back and a hand on her protruded hip. If you are a customer, she’ll first point out her list of rules and if you don’t follow them,… Continue Reading “The Red Bordello Door-To Enter Or Not?”