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Muscle for the Middle: Solutions and Substitutions to Stay Strong! — Mark Brown Fitness

Mark Brown’s Muscle for the Middle When did we become the old ones in the weight room? For those of us dipping a toe into middle age, we are fortunate to be part of the first generation of exercisers exposed to the great value…

What blissful effort looks like

On the first day of vacation, I rented this beaut. Her gears were limited but her determination was great. Her basket remained empty, the backpack strapped to my body. Together, “Townie” and I headed up. I stopped a few times to dismount and push…

3- minute rounds

Knackered (ˈnækəd) adj 1. exhausted; tired out 2. When Carolyn hits pads non-stop for a 3-minute round  (Very knackering) with trainer, Mark Brown

I must have rocked it!

‘Cause this is what greeted me after my kickboxing workout tonight!

Redefining Disease

This man, Chris Hageseth, my writing and editing buddy, has Parkinson’s Disease. Instead of giving in to it, he redefines it. Chris is “The Director of the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, a retired psychiatrist, author and an outspoken activist on sweating out Parkinson’s disease…